Running a brewery is a lot of work and you need lots of people to help you.  Sometimes you feel like there need to be 20 of you.  Luckily we have found some of the best people to work side by side.



We brew on a 15 BBL 880,000 BTU direct fire brewing system that was custom built just for us.  A lot of work goes into each batch and we are 100% hands on the entire time from brewing to kegging.


Recently we began bottling again!  Our many customers have asked for bottles and so we built our own 4 head bottling system.  Sure it would be nice to get a fancy $50K bottling system that all you do is press a button and watch the beer come out the other end, but where's the fun in that?


Much of what you will see when visiting the brewery has been engineered and built by our master brewer Chris.  There isn't a problem to big or small that he can't figure out how to make it work.  This is why you see 12 of him in the photo above.  A man of many talents, his best one, of course, is making beer!


He has also created a whole line of craft sodas that are made from scratch when you order it.


Stay tuned for even more!

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